Paper or Plastic?

This article isn’t about your neighborhood grocery store.  It’s about poker playing cards and why 100% plastic playing cards are the best bet for your home game and poker bank roll.

Paper Cards:  Rip, Crack, Fold, Mark, Tear, Curve, Shrink, Shrivel, Break.  You’ll have to buy paper playing card decks often at about $5 a pop.

Plastic Cards: Bend, Flex, Snap, Glide, Water Resistant, Stay Fresh.  A pure 100% plastic playing card set can last many years. You’ll pay $18 to $26 for high quality sets. 

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A double deck set of Faded Spade Cards retails for $25 and are higher quality than most “100% Plastic” sets sold to consumers. Plus, you get a nice quality card box that will keep your cards protected when not in play.

When you buy plastic playing cards, it’s important to know that 100% plastic doesn’t mean 100% equal from a quality standpoint.  We’re proud that Faded Spade Cards are the best quality, pure 100% plastic poker playing cards on the market today. And we're one-of-a-kind.

Many brands will take advantage of less experienced playing card buyers and sell plastic-coated or thin quality plastic playing cards.  And they will do it at similar price points as the highest quality plastic cards on the market. 

While sports are games of inches, plastic playing card production is a game of millimeters.  You want the highest-grade casino quality width versus the thin plastic, plastic-coated, or blended PVC.

With Faded Spade, you get a set (two decks plus card box) of pure 100% Plastic Poker Playing Cards at a competitive price.  That’s because we keep our costs low and pass the savings onto you, the Player.  It’s important that we’re the most player-centric playing card company on the planet.

And for those reading this article, please use code ‘Tens’ for 10% off your total order at  We hope you enjoyed this article, and you will soon Upgrade to Faded Spade!