Bridge Size - Original

Bridge Size - Original


For a standard raise at a 2/5 NL table, own the original bridge size Faded Spade 100% Plastic Playing Card Two-Deck Set. These cards are more narrow at the 2.25" x 3.5" size that’s used in most poker rooms. As seen on World Poker Tour, PokerGO, Heartland Poker Tour & More!

  • Fresh face card designs that are symbolic of the modern poker era

  • Custom size poker index for superior hole card & flop readability

  • 100% plastic production with a balance of strength & flexibility

  • A matte smooth slip finish with a durable sharp snap flex return

  • Two Deck Set with our original black & red spade card backs

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Fresh & Modern Face Card Design
Poker has evolved. And we decided it was time for playing cards to join that evolution. Faded Spade is the New Face of Cards featuring a fresh face card design for today's poker players and the modern poker era. Meet the new King, Queen, and Jack that rule our poker tables.

High Quality 100% Plastic
Our playing cards are produced with an intentional balance of thickness, flexibility, and strength not found in any other playing card on the market. Faded Spade cards are built to last longer than the competition, while also providing world-class feel for players and dealers. These bridge-size cards feature a matte smooth slip finish with a durable sharp snap flex return as preferred by most poker rooms.

Custom Poker Index Sizing
Strategically-sized corner letters/numbers/suit (pips) make Faded Spade cards great for any of your favorite poker games.