Bridge Size | Playing Card Set

Bridge Size | Playing Card Set


For a standard raise at a 2/5 NL table, you can own this bridge-size Faded Spade 100% Plastic Playing Card Set. These cards are also poker room ready, and for players that prefer a more narrow 2.25" x 3.5" regular size poker card.

  • Specifically engineered for today’s poker rooms and automatic shufflers

  • Custom size poker index for superior hole card and flop readability

  • 100% plastic production process with a balance of thickness and flexibility

  • A smooth limited slip finish for world-class feel, durability and longevity

  • Fresh face card designs that are symbolic of the modern poker era

  • King, Queen & Jack of Spades holding their true weapon of choice

  • Double Deck Set with our original spade black & red card backs

  • The Preferred Playing Cards of the WPT, HPT, RIU and more

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